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GESTRA is a global leader from Bremen. Germany since 1902 with energy saving philosophy in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control. Gestra products and services provide a full line of steam solutions for all commercial and industrial applications where steam is generated, distributed, or used. The GESTRA product range includes steam and condensate piping equipment, boiler control, special equipment and vessel for heat recovery.

Boiler Equipment and Condensate Monitoring

As Europe's largest provider of boiler equipment, GESTRA meets all the needs of today's market: a broad spectrum of products, faster time-to-market for new products, more performance for less money and customized solutions and services. This unique market position is based on extensive experience acquired over more than 50 years in the design and manufacture of high-quality safety-oriented control equipment.

GESTRA technology is tailored to your needs, offering you the right solution – be it conventional or bus-based. Hight-tech for enhanced safety and reliability

● Water Level Control, Monitoring and Limitation
● Temperature Sensor
● Conductivity Control and Monitoring
● Top Blowdown (Continuous Blowdown)
● Bottom Blowdown
● Condensate Monitoring

SPECTOR family
Because one system can no longer satisfy all requirements Safety in operation, availability and cost efficiency are decisive factors for energy supply centres. Production downtimes must be avoided! And an energy supply centre is only as reliable as its weakest component. Therefore, in modern production systems, working without automation and visualisation would now be unthinkable.

Technical requirements, too, are becoming ever more stringent over time, so that these days one system is no longer able to satisfy them all. That is why we are continually expanding our SPECTOR family.


Enables simple exchange between existing mechanical systems. Measured values are transmitted as standard signals or can be incorporated in existing controls by means of volt-free relay contacts, with no need for additional electronic control units. Complete controlled systems are also possible.

Features and Benefits of SPECTORcompact
● Patented temperature barrier in cylindrical body above electrode flange
● Terminal box equipped with excess temperature fuse (102 °C)
● Level electrode and controller in one unit
● Optimum system adaptation thanks to modular design
● No mounting of component parts in control cabinet (no wiring and easy planning)
● No special cable required for wiring sensing unit to control cabinet

Compact System for Level Monitoring

Gestra NRGS15-1                                      Download Technical Sheets

● Four tips and an integrated level switching controller
● Service pressure : PN 25, 25 bar at 224 °C
● The equipment works only with water having a min. electrical conductivity of > 0.5 μS/cm at 25 °C.

Gestra NRGS11-1, NRGS16-1                    Download Technical Sheets
Gestra NRGS11-2, NRGS16-2                    Download Technical Sheets
Gestra NRGT 26-1                                      Download Technical Sheets

● The level transmitter can be used in electrically conductive and non-conductive fluids.

Compact System for Conductivity Switch 

Gestra LRGS15-1  Download Technical Sheets
● Used as limit switch and continuous blowdown controller in steam boilers
● Service pressure : PN 25, 25 bar at 224 °C


Can easily be integrated in automation systems through remote data transmission and parameterization. Plant planning and engineering is considerably simplified, and a great variety of data relevant to the plant can be rapidly transmitted.

Features and Benefits of SPECTORbus
● Reduced cost of control cabinet (only one PG thread, five input terminals and one cable in control cabinet for all sensing units)
● Reduced installation effort and material costs, since only a single four-core cable is required between boiler and control cabinet
● Optimum system adaptation/extension without any additional wiring
● Easy installation and maintenance
● No risk of overheating
● Increased safety


Steam Boiler Equipment with BUS Technology
for operation without constant supervision (72 hrs) as per EN 12953

Low Level Limiting with CAN Bus, CANopen Protocol

Gestra NRG16-40, NRG17-40, NRG19-40  Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Controller : NRS1-40 , NRS1-40.1
Gestra NRG111-40  Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Controller : NRS1-40 ,  NRS1-40.1

High-Level Alarm with CAN Bus, CANopen Protocol
Gestra NRG16-41, NRG17-41, NRG19-41   Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Controller : NRS1-41 
Gestra NRG16-41.1, NRG17-41.1, NRG19-41.1   Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Controller : NRS1-40.1

Continuous water level control

Gestra NRG26-40   Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Switch / Controller : NRS 2-40 / NRR 2-40 
Gestra NRG16-42   Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Switch Controller : NRS 1-42

Control Terminal and Display Unit
Gestra URB1    Download Technical Sheets
Gestra URB2    Download Technical Sheets

Conductivity Electrode with CAN bus, CANopen protocol

Gestra LRG16-40, LRG16-41, LRG17-40    Download Technical Sheets
● Consist of a TDS (= Total Dissolved Solids) monitoring electrode for conductivity measurement, a temperature sensor for detecting the fluid temperature and a conductivity transmitter that is fully integrated in the terminal box.
● Associated Controller : LRR1-40 and an operating device type URB or SPECTORcontrol


Reduces the systems to their most important functions, is easy to use, low-cost and simple to install. There is a choice of two versions: SPECTORmodul is limited to the most essential functions. SPECTORmodul-Touch has a separate controller and operator terminal. This way, there is no need for any complicated wiring of the sensor, feedback, limit values, valve controls, etc.. in the door of the control cabinet.



Features and Benefits of SPECTORmodul
● Compact design
● Easily accessible connection terminals
● Supply voltage 24 VDC, i. e. independent of national supply voltages
● Supply via reliable networks possible without additional components (inverters)
● Intuitive operating using rotary pushbutton
● Indication by 7-segment digital display

Features and Benefits of SPECTORmodul-Touch
● Separation of power components and operating level, i. e. no elaborate wiring needed in the control
● Use of a colour touch display for intuitive, clear operating that is language-neutral


SPECTORmodule – for operation according to EN 12953

SIL3 Certified Self-Monitoring Low Level Limiter
Gestra NRG16-50, NRG17-50, NRG19-50, NRG111-50 PN40/63/160/320    Download Technical Sheets
● The self-monitoring function ensures that an alarm will also be triggered if the electrode insulation is contaminated or has developed a leak and/or if there is a malfunction in the electrical connection.
● Associated Level Switch : NRS 1-50 (for one electrode)NRS 1-50 (for two electrodes)

SIL3 Certified Self-Monitoring High Level Alarm
Gestra NRG16-51, NRG17-51, NRG19-51, NRG111-51 PN40/63/160/320    Download Technical Sheets
● The self-monitoring function ensures that an alarm will also be triggered if the electrode insulation is contaminated or has developed a leak and/or if there is a malfunction in the electrical connection.
● Associated Level Switch : NRS 1-51

Level Electrode
Conductivity : ON-OFF function
Gestra NRG16-4, 1 tip electrode PN40  Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Level Switch : NRS 1-52, NRS1-53, NRS1-54, NRS1-55 
Gestra NRG10-52, NRG16-52, 4 tip electrode PN40  Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Level Switch : NRS 1-52, NRS1-53NRS1-54, NRS1-55
Gestra NRG16-36, 4 tip electrode PN40 (1 tip self-monitoring)  Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Level Switch : NRS 1-52, NRS1-54, NRS 1-2NRS1-5

Capacitance : Modulating function
Gestra NRG26-21, PN40  Download Technical Sheets     
● Associated Level Switch : NRS 2-50, NRS 2-51, NRR 2-50, NRR 2-51NRR 2-52, NRR 2-53
Gestra NRGT26-1, PN40, 4-20mA  Download Technical Sheets     
● Associated Level Switch : NRS 2-50, NRS 2-51, NRR 2-50, NRR 2-51NRR 2-52, NRR 2-53


Continuous Water Level Controller

Gestra NRR2-50, NRR 2-51    

 Download Technical Sheets
● Closed-loop controllers use both capacitance probes and level transmitters from the SPECTORcompact line

Gestra color touch screen NRR2-52, NRR2-53, URB50  

Download Technical Sheets
● Can be used with level electrodes NRG 21-.. and NRG 26-21 as well as the level transmitter NRGT 26-1



Measuring and Controlling Conductivity (for TDS control)

Gestra Conductivity transmitter LRGT16-1, LRGT16-2, LRGT17-1 PN40/PN63     Download Technical Sheets
● Consists of a conductivity electrode, a temperature sensor for detecting the fluid temperature and a conductivity transmitter unit
(4-20mA) incorporated in the terminal box
● Associated Conductivity Controller and Industrial Controller :
LRR1-51, LRR1-53KS 90-1
● Automatic scale compensation for LRGT16-2

Gestra LRG16-4     Download Technical Sheets
● Associated Conductivity Switch and Conductivity Controller :
LRS 1-50, LRR1-50, LRR1-52 
Gestra LRG16-9 for external boiler installation
● Associated Conductivity Switch and Conductivity Controller :
LRS1-7, LRS 1-50, LRR1-50LRR1-52



Continuous Blowdown Valves (Top Blowdown) BA, BAE up to PN320
Valve with multi-stage nozzle for modulating control

Features of the BA, BAE series:
● The patented universal nozzle stem permits a much larger setting angle for reliable regulation of the flowrates, which reduces the number of variants needed
● The protective sleeve reduces the amount of wear and decreases the risk of clogging

Gestra BA46, BA47, BAE46, BAE47 Download Technical Sheets
Gestra BAE36, BAE36-1, BAE36-3, BAE28, BAE29, BAE210, BAE211, BAE39 Download Technical Sheets
Gestra BA28, BA29, BA210, BA211  Download Technical Sheets
Continuous Blowdown Ball Valve 510  Download Technical Sheets


Gestra Sample Cooler

For the smooth operation of steam boilers, it is especially important to analyse samples of the boiler water. However, to obtain proper and uncorrupted analysis values, you require accurate sampling methods and also testing instruments that function correctly.

Gestra PK Download Technical Sheets
Gestra PK40 Download Technical Sheets


Intermittent Blowdown Valves (Bottom Blowdown)

Features of the PA, MPA series:
● Longer life and availability through radial stage nozzle downstream of the valve seat
● The large cross-sectional area of the orifice creates a suction effect, giving a short-term high water flow which will discharge the precipitated sludge and sediments
● Patented protection tube and body forging


Gestra PA46, PA47, MPA46, MPA47 PN40/PN63 CL600 Download Technical Sheets
Gestra PA110, MPA110 PN250/CL1500  Download Technical Sheets
Programme-Controlled Blowdown System TA7  Download Technical Sheets


Condensate Monitoring

Oil and turbidity detector continuous condensate monitoring of transparent liquids to detect any ingress of insoluble foreign matter causing turbidity, such as emulsified oils and greases. Measuring of turbidity and signal evaluation for indication, recording and control. Tripping of alarms, control valves etc

Conductivity control - Monitoring conductive liquids for contamination by foreign matter that increases the conductivity concentration; conductivity monitoring signaling and display.


Gestra OR42, OR52 Download Technical Sheets
Gestra OR52/5, OR52/6 Download Technical Sheets
Gestra OR52-7 Download Technical Sheets
Gestra ORGS11-1, ORGS11-2 Download Technical Sheets